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Honors Geometry

Course Description

Honors Geometry (1 credit) TN Course Code 3108
This class is a one semester examination of the basic procedures and reasoning of problems 
dealing with line segments, lines, angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals and other 
polygons. It will also review the concepts of area of these shapes and volume of the three-dimensional figures. Students will learn to justify statements in proofs and construct a simple 
proof in a two-column form. Geometry is a spatial oriented class that requires analytical 
thinking and problem-solving ability. As an Honors class, this course will substantially 
exceed the content standards, learning expectations, and performance indicators of the 
standard Geometry course. Tests will include more short answer, constructed response and 
essay types of questions that require a deeper understanding of course material. Class 
lessons will proceed at a faster pace and be more in-depth than standard class 
lessons. Assignments will include more writing and require more explanation on the part of 
the students. This class also has a project that allows the student a chance to demonstrate 
creativity and course knowledge.