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Spring AP Statistics 2018

Course Description

Welcome to AP Statistics!

Below are some helpful documents and websites for Chapter 9 of the AP Statistics curriculum. You will find summaries and examples regarding confidence intervals and hypothesis tests.
Make sure to check these out!
9.3 Matched Pairs Example Matched Pairs t-Test
Matched Pairs Animation Animation Review of Matched Pairs
Make sure to look at the attachments on the right side of the page --->
For Chapter 9, there are summary pages and examples for you to reference!
Here you will also find your 9.3 HW and practice test for Chapter 9!

AP Statistics Saturday Study Days

Saturday, April 28th
(8:00 AM - 10:00 AM)
Saturday, May 5th Saturday, May 12th
Sessions will be held at Greenback School! We will practice multiple choice and free response questions for the AP exam on May 17th! Be there at 10 AM! We will have around a 2 hour study session.

CHECK THIS LINK OUT! This link is a WONDERFUL resource to understand the AP Statistics test. Watch this link before May 17th!

Last Minute AP Statistics Exam Review with Daren Starnes and Josh Tabor
Multiple Choice Strategies for AP Statistics
Link to sign up for a college board account: College Board
You will need to remember your username, password, and AP number to receive your scores!
Your scores should be available to view on Sunday, July 8th at 8:00 AM.
2012 Free Response Practice Questions