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Ethan Edmiston » United States Government Syllabus

United States Government Syllabus

Course Description: Students will study the purposes, principles, and practices of American government as established by the Constitution. Students are expected to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and how to exercise these rights and responsibilities in local, state, and national governments. Students will learn the structure and processes of the government of the state of Tennessee and various local governments. The reading of primary source documents is a key feature of United States Government and Civics Standards.
Course Grades:
30%- Daily work, homework, bellringers, group work, writing assignments
30%- Quizzes
40%- Chapter Tests, Unit Tests, Citizenship Test
Course Schedule:
Unit 1- Principles of Government, Origins of American Government, The Constitution
Unit 2- The Legislative Branch
Unit 3- The Executive Branch
Unit 4- The Judicial Branch