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Greenback School opened on its present site in the fall of 1921. This was the first and only public school on the eastern side of the Tennessee River in Loudon County. Prior to the construction of Greenback School, students who wanted to attend high school had to choose between a private school at nearby Morganton and public schools in surrounding counties.

The school was established as a result of the untiring efforts of the people in the Greenback community. Through the years, despite pressure to shift to large comprehensive high schools, the people have continued to work to keep their small community school intact.

Greenback School was opened in 1921 on five acres that cost $500. In 1923, two rooms were added as well as a basement, which is still in use. The following year, a gym was purchased from a church on adjoining property. The gym burned in 1962. In 1924 Greenback High School held its first graduation service with 5 students receiving diplomas.

By 1930 the community had grown and necessitated the school’s first bus service. By 1939 the first library was added, and nine years later, in 1948, the present high school building was constructed. In 1949 Greenback School’s first agricultural building was added. It now serves as a weight room for the athletic department. Before this building was constructed, the agricultural shop was housed in the basement. In 1954 the community purchased an additional 14 acres for $14,000. By 1960, a new gym and agricultural rooms were constructed. In 1977 the high school was remodeled and a new elementary wing was added as was the current cafeteria. In 1982 two additional classrooms were built due to growth. In 1989 an office, front lobby and three classrooms were added to the existing building. With additional growth, a middle school wing was required resulting in the construction of four new classrooms and two restrooms in 1998. The last major construction was completed in 2002 with a stage area added in the cafeteria and the old auditorium converted into four classrooms and a computer lab. A building trades shop area was also constructed at this time.
In 2004, a storage building was constructed at the rear of the agricultural/vocational shop by the vocational students and their teacher. In 2006, two portable learning cottages were placed on campus resulting in four additional classrooms for high school classes. In 2007, two more portable learning cottages were added behind the school to accommodate the growing elementary department.
Greenback School Alma Mater

Neath the foothills of the Smokies

Looking at the sky.

Proudly stands Ole Greenback High School,

as the years go by.





Greenback High School,

Greenback High School.

Loud our praises ring forever

Hail to thee our Alma Mater

Hail to GHS



On the banks of Tennessee

Alma Mater stands

Guarded by the gifts of nature

Unexcelled by man



Words by W.E. (Elmer) Raper School year 1947-48