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Mission Statement





Our goal is for all our students to enjoy a successful experience at Greenback School. We hold high expectations for our students, and we welcome the opportunity to work cooperatively with parents/guardians as we maintain quality programs and seek to make improvements. The support of family and community is important to school success. The school shares responsibility with parents and the community for intellectual and physical development of students, as well as development of human understanding and respect. This means respect for oneself, respect for fellow students, and respect for authority. Parents/guardians are encouraged to schedule appointments with their child's teachers to discuss individual student progress or specific concerns. Parents/guardians who wish to contact an individual teacher are asked to call the main office and leave a message for that teacher. If a student or parent/guardian has a concern about a school policy or an employee, he/she is encouraged to contact the person with whom they have a concern to discuss the problem as quickly as possible. If either person feels the need to include a third party, or he/she is unable to resolve the problem, he/she should contact an administrator.


Loudon County Schools Mission Statement:

To graduate college and career ready students through rigorous and relevant learning opportunities.


Greenback School Mission Statement:

To develop a positive learning environment for our children so they will be responsible, contributing members of society.


Goal Statement: Moving 80% of our students toward college and career readiness


We believe:

  • All students can learn
  • Each child is a unique individual and has the right to advance to his/ her maximum potential
  • We are a community of life-long learners
  • Each child succeeds/excels best in a caring atmosphere
  • Students, parents, faculty, and community must collaborate to ensure success
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving help prepare every student to face the challenges of life
  • Continuity will be found within our curriculum
  • The facility should be safe and conducive to learning