Online resources for students

Hello all!!  I know that this is a crazy, uncertain time for all of us.  I know the thought of being out of school for a few days is always exciting.  However, I also know that being out for this long brings about so many questions and concerns!  I am certain that Greenback will come out of this just fine!  I wanted to provide a great resource that can help keep students engaged while we are out.  Hopefully, we will know more about what is to come, as far as school is concerned, in the next few days.  
All of Mrs. Cox's ELA students have an IXL account.  Students can log on, select ELA, and choose their grade level.  If your student does not remember his/her log-in and/or password, send me an email or message and I will get it to you.
IXL has tons of lessons that kids can do as a review of things already covered.  Reviewing any of the informational text and non-informational text lessons would be great! 
I have also signed all of my students up for a account.  You should be able to log in from home and access a huge library of books. (Thank you to Mrs. McClure for this! I saw it on her Facebook page)
Mrs. Cox's class code is jay4652
Check back in the next few days for more information! Miss your sweet faces!  Stay well!
Mrs. Cox