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Math Resources

Go Math: This is the math series that is used in 4th grade. The workbook pages come from this series. Students have been given their log-in information and it should also be saved in their computers. 
IXL is a wonderful program that we use daily to practice new and old skills. Students have skills plans pinned on their IXL homepage; they also have a copy in their math binder. There is a skills lesson that goes with each math lesson that we complete in the workbook. 
Rocket Math is used daily in the classroom to practice fluency. Student's usernames and passwords are in their math binders. Students will move to the next skill once their rocket is complete. All students begin on multiplication. Rocket Math works best when it is used multiple times throughout the day. I have set each practice session to last 5 minutes. 
Prodigy is a fun game-like program used to practice math skills. Students create an avatar and move through different worlds. They battle classmates by answering questions. 
Zearn is a program that I use for Math Tutoring. Students work on skills that are being taught in the classroom. 
Video lessons that correlate to the Go Math curriculum.