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Kelley Davenport » Kelley B. Davenport- High School History

Kelley B. Davenport- High School History

Educational Philosophy
I believe that every student is different and unique not only in personality but in intelligence and ability.  It is my goal to provide a classroom that is a safe environment for all types of learners.  My master's degree focused on multiple intelligence fostering many teaching methods.  I use these different teaching methods so all students who put forth effort can be successful.  
Effort is defined as an earnest or strenuous attempt and something done by exertion or hard work.  I work hard for my students and I expect them to work hard not only for me but themselves.  
Teaching Experience
Greenback High School 2001-present
7-12 History, Geography and Government
BA in History  University of Louisville
MAT in Secondary Education   University of Louisville