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Standard US History

Standard US History                                       Mrs. Kelley Davenport
Students will examine the causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution and America's growing role in world diplomatic relations, including the Spanish-American War and World War I.  Students will study the goals and accomplishment of the Progressive movement and the New Deal.  Students will also learn about the various factors that led to American's entry into World War II, as well as consequences for American life.  Students will explore the causes and course of the Cold War.  Students will study the important social, cultural, economic, and political changes resulting form the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, and recent events and trends that have shaped modern-day America.  Additionally, students will learn the causes and consequences of contemporary issues impacting their world today.  Students will continue to use skills for historical and geographical analysis as they examine American history since Reconstruction with special attention to Tennessee connections in history, geography, politics, and people.  Students will continue to learn fundamental concepts in civics, economics, and geography within the context of United States History.  The reading of primary source documents is a key feature of United States History standards.  Special emphasis will also be made on in-depth thinking skills, reasoning and writing.  Finally, students will focus on current human and physical geographic issues important in contemporary America and global society.

Course grades  

homework (10%):  Notes, guided readings, etc.

Classwork (20%):  writing assignments, PET sheets

assessments (70%):  Tests, quizzes  


New Grading Scale

“A” 90-100

“B” 80-89

“C” 70-79

“D” 60-69

“F” 0-59


Procedures for Absences

You will be required to check Teams everyday while you are absent. Each day there will be an announcement with a summary of class activities that day. All extra materials such as power points, primary sources, etc will be posted under that Chapter, Files.


Makeup Work Students are responsible for making up any work missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to request, and make-up missed workI am not required to give makeup work for unexcused absences.  All late homework for that chapter is due the day of that chapter test. Points will be deducted for each day late and no more than half credit for unexcused absences.


Communication is very important and expected if you have any questions about assignments, expectations, or class procedures. If you need to talk to me, I can be reached via email [email protected] or through the general channel on teams for your class.

Supplies Required:  3 ring binder (1 to 2 inch), paper, pens/pencils, download the teams APP on your phone



Classroom Rules/Expectations

  1. Be on time, on task and prepared to learn every day.
  2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students and yourself.
  3. Be responsible for your own learning. You are expected to work hard and cheating his unacceptable.
  4. Clean up after yourself and your peers.
  5. Keep all personal electronics put away/in phone holder.