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Mr. Brent Kilpatrick » Retail Operations

Retail Operations

Course Syllabus/Description
Retail Operations is designed to challenge students with the real world of supply chain management and merchandising services. The standards in this course are designed to prepare students with skills and knowledge related to buying, selling, human resource management, business operations, product, management, promotion, and customer service. Decision-making skills, financial management, customer relations, ethics and legal issues are also addressed. Upon completion of this applied knowledge course, proficient students will have skills essential for entering careers as retail associates at entry and mid-level management as well as be prepared to enter post secondary programs in business and marketing. The content lends itself to both work-based learning and school-based enterprises opportunities. 
  Main Topics
   1.  Supply Chain Management
    2.  Merchandising
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Business Operations
    5.  Managing School Store 


  1.     I expect each one of you to act responsibly.
  2.     Do not speak when I am speaking.
  3.     Be respectful to your classmates as well as to me.
  4.     You should be prepared to learn each day.


  1.     Everyone should strive to make an A in this class.
  2.     Be on time
  3.     Have Textbook, Pen/Pencil, Writing Paper, Planner every day.




  1.     Exams
  2.     Daily Work
  3.     Group Projects/Presentations
  4.     School Store Operations
  5.     Based on a point system
  6.     9-Week Grading Period