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Mrs. Alisa Jones » It's a great time to write a letter!

It's a great time to write a letter!

WELCOME Greenback School LAUNCH students!  I am so happy to have this opportunity to work with you again.  For now, we are going to get together online and learn how to write a "friendly letter".  Be thinking about someone in your family that you would like to write/send a letter to in the mail.  They will love to hear from you!
So let's think about someone in our family who might not get to see us in person right now, but who would love to get a handwritten letter in the mail.
Click on the Power Points to get started....
Let's Learn About the Parts of our Letter!
Watch the awesome You Tube Video:
You can find hundreds of cool writing paper templates on the internet. Or just use something that you have at your house.  A plain white piece of notebook or copy paper will be fine.  You may want add stickers, drawings, doodles or even glue some colorful things on your paper.  Get creative!