Greenback Public School

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Principal's Message

Greenback Community,

 I first want to say what an honor it is to be able to serve Greenback School and the Loudon County School District. I am beginning my fourth year as Greenback’s principal and I have been extremely proud of the progress we have made moving 80% of our students toward college readiness. We have not reached our goal of 80%, but in three years we have grown from 45% to 65%. This doesn’t happen by chance, but through the hard work of our teachers, our students, and parental support. With continued laser like focus, our goal of 80% is obtainable in the near future.
Over the last three years we have worked extremely hard to make sure we are providing an appropriate and challenging curriculum to all of our students. Here at Greenback, a quality education begins with Prk. Our teachers are firm believers a strong and rigorous curriculum starts day one in Prk. Our elementary school and our middle school is where all preparation takes place for a student to become a successful high school graduate.
Last school year, and for the first time ever, we were able to offer Spanish 3 and Chemistry 2. We have continued to increase our Honors Level Courses, and have partnered with Pellissippi State for our dual enrollment program. This coming year we are offering AP Statistics. AP courses are a nationally recognized curriculum which a student can earn college credit. All colleges recognize AP credit in some form or fashion.
The reason we are able to offer higher level courses in our high school is a direct correlation of students working harder, not just in high school, but starting in elementary school. High school and college readiness, again, starts day one in Prk.
In closing, I would like to say thank you for your support as we will continue to challenge your/our students.
Please feel free to stop by or call if you have any concerns or issues.

Michael R. Casteel, Principal
Greenback Community,